Understand your business domain

Business domainBuilding software without knowing the business domain is like trying to build a factory without knowing its purpose. You might built shiniest most beautiful factory. But for the most part it will be useless.

Companies hire software developers to solve their business problems. Therefore, a developer should know at least some of the business in order to build an effective solution.

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Know your technology stack

In my view, most successful developers are the ones who know their technologies, business/organizational goals and delivery process optimization. Therefore they know how to build a thing, make sure that it solves a correct problem and do it efficiently.

In this post, I’ll brush over the technology part of being a successful developer, specifically, knowing your technology stack.

Read on, and you’ll learn:

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Notes on good software architecture

software architectureUnderstanding software architecture is an essential skill. It allows creating solutions that evolve the system. Otherwise, it’s too easy to drive it into a swamp from which it never recovers.

Read on, and you will learn:

  • why it is essential to understand software architecture
  • how to improve understanding of a software architecture
  • how to design and sustain good software architecture

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